sunday in the park

Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week. It’s our one day off together that we share and we both make it a point to prioritize accordingly. Initially, giving up our Saturday caused a lot of anxiety for me. When your normal is to have so little time together, it can be a tricky subject to navigate. It’s still hard, and like clock work every Saturday morning I give myself a pep talk and remind myself it’s just a season. So not surprisingly, Sunday’s are balm for the soul. It never ceases to surprise me how good and slow and full they turn out to be. I think because we look forward to it all week and discuss what’s most important and how to spend our time. This challenge has turned out to be a key resource for how we navigate the rest of the week. And of course there’s the muscle we earned last year during intern year. All in all, our routine right now is pretty dreamy. We get to eat dinner together every night y’all.  It’s so good. Anyways! After a rough January, in addition to us both being sick for weeks on end, we needed this past Sunday. I won’t lie, it was bittersweet to turn the calendar but we were both ready for a clean slate. The day was heavenly. It was gorgeous outside and after coffee-church-breakfast-heart talk-hair cuts-we splurged on a butterscotch latte to share and headed off to Audubon Park for the sunshine.

As our dear friend referred to Garrett as, “That guy you hang out with all the time.” To which I answered, “You mean my BFF?” To which we both laughed.  I’m so thankful we get to do this life business together. He’s my favorite.

Garrett snapped this picture of me and for some reason I kind of like it. Fun fact, I picked out these boots because they remind me of a pair my papaw used to wear every day. (minus the snazzy zipper on the side of course) a few weeks ago I was talking to one of my neighbors (a very sweet man in his 70’s… I’m guessing) when suddenly he piped up, “I like those boots. I have a pair just like them!” Thus confirming my fashion sense and making my day. Anyways, here I am in my favorite city having just geeked out over another tree.


Not bad Audubon, not bad.

There was a cute little bridge so naturally the moment required a photo.

And of course, one of us too just because.

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