turning three

November was such a great month. For starters, we celebrated our three year anniversary. This one feels different than the other two and I’m excited to see where this year will take us. I find marriage to be a constant choice of commitment. Sometimes it’s as easy as breathing and sometimes it feels vastly complicated and I wish for a handbook. While it’s a tricky business to be in the thick of life together, these are the moments that chip out the design of a relationship. I am so luckily blessed to be married to a fellow who loves me so well and patiently and creatively as he does. It just gets better and better. Not always easier, oh life, but we are stronger together and each day builds upon the next. Three years feels extra special. In a real way, we’re still just babies starting out in our story, but it feels good to lay out the memories of where we started and see how far we have already come together. There’s so much to be learned. There’s so much joy to be found. I feel so privileged to get to live this life with him. We’re designing a life we love. It’s a slow steady sometimes messy process but gosh it’s good. I feel so grateful for all the little moments we get to share in this season. Time is the most precious commodity there is. I love that we get to grocery shop together every week. I love that we dance in the kitchen. I love that a few rainy nights ago we jumped in bed and played cards and laughed so much with each other. To quote Anne, “I don’t want marble halls or sunbursts, I just want you.”

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