crescent park


I keep a list on my phone of places we should explore. Confession, 95% being either restaurants or coffee shops. The heart wants what the heart wants. But we especially love checking out anything that involves being outside. It seemed high time we visit Crescent Park and we were both pleased as peaches. In fact, we can’t wait to go back and take a picnic. From outside the park The Rusty Rainbow beckons you to see where it will lead you.


My how I love this man. Also please note, these stairs are steeper than they appear and we definitely felt the burn. Now I understand why people run them to get in a quick workout. But as I mentioned before, we will probably scale them next time with the intent to have dessert in the park.


The view from the top doesn’t disappoint. Inside the park is quite beautiful with so many different kinds of trees, plants, and flowers along the paths.


Enjoying those views!


Looking down I couldn’t get over this beautiful mess. The sunlight sparkling in the water was just too pretty.


My new favorite building. One of the countless reasons I love our city. You just never know what you’ll find when you’re out and about.


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