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Hello there,

Welcome to my new space! I loved my previous website. It did a fantastic job of introducing my children’s book The Wind and the Blows. We had a great run for almost six years but it was time for an update. I dragged my feet for a number of months debating the merits of continuing to blog or not. Now days almost everyone blogs about something. A quick google search will give you endless claims of experts and opinions on any topic you can think of. So I asked myself if I still even belonged in this little world of typing thoughts and hitting publish for others to read. I started blogging as a teenager sharing my thoughts and following along with others stories. I have three or four blogs now that I consistently love to read. One of these I have been following for (goodness) almost seven years and her perspective on life and eventually on raising kids has been a very positive impact in how I think about things. I decided I still really love the opportunity for this sometimes strange yet personal connection blogging offers.

A lot of things have changed in my life the past couple of years and I am excited for a fresh start to continue documenting this adventure. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything except for making fresh popcorn. My butter to salt ratio is superb. Other than that, I am still learning pretty much everything. Turning thirty made me realize that I had indeed figured out who I wanted to be by the age of seven. I think the rest of life has been coming to terms with this and figuring out how to trust my gut sooner rather than later. So in case you are new or we don’t know each other very well let me take a moment to say I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for visiting and I would love for us to be friends. For those of you who have continually given your friendship, I am overwhelming grateful for you. My life is a more joyful and beautiful because of you.

Talk soon, friends!

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  1. I am glad you’re still blogging. Your words are always fresh and reach my heart. Reading your posts is like stepping out into a crisp fall day and basking in the sun.

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